Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Move Out Gray Davis!

A: Yesterday I attended a recall rally at the capitol. There were moving trucks lining the streets with big signs offering to help move out Gray Davis when he is recalled. It was GREAT. Horns were blaring. People were yelling. (Yes, I was yelling too!) I got interviewed by News 10 because the reporter was amused, I think.

And, today, as I write, votes are being cast. According to all predictions, Gray will need the trucks. This morning we got up and headed to the polls (well, actually, we got ready first and THEN went to the polls). We cast our votes in a fire station. I thought that was the coolest thing. Usually I get assigned to retarded places like schools and community centers. I've never voted in a FIRE STATION before. All the fire trucks were there - and the big yellow hoses were hanging in the rafters - and everything!

Tonight we're going to a broadway play called 42nd street. Someone gave us tickets - and we're only going to make them feel good!! J/K!!! ;-) No, we're really looking forward to a "date." We will probably join the recall parties after the play is over. They probably won't know the results until late anyway.

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