Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Indiana Dunes Part I













Indiana Dunes Part II













Indiana Dunes Part III












Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chicago Part I

Taking the train from the dunes to Chicago. The girls loved it and talked about it for days!

Sophia always finds something to amuse herself:

You see some strrrraaaannge things in the big city!

Looking up at the Sears Tower:

What a great day for the views!


The girls had absolutely no fear walking out on the glass balconies.


Meredith and Clara got a big kick out of the mozzarella sticks (their first).

Of course, we had to stop by the Lego Store.


Here is a ground view of the glass balconies of the Sears Tower observation deck.

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Chicago Part II

After navigating the Chicago streets with kids all day, we were ready for a 90-minute boat ride!

Checking out the architecture.

Awesome view of the skyline from Lake Michigan!

Sophia tried to grab a nap when she could. She was a trooper!



The girls LOVED the American girl store. They can't wait to have their own dolls someday. We're holding out until we know they can take really good care of them. But it's fun to dream!

We were having so much fun that we missed the 6:30 train out of Chicago and had to wait until 9:15. So, we decided to go to Millennium Park and check out the cool art. Fun!

This was what Kevin did quite a bit when we had to walk somewhere in a hurry. What a good daddy!

One of our favorite memories was hanging out at Starbucks for about an hour at the end of the day and playing Crazy Eights. Even little Clara did a good job participating.

We are so glad we took a day to do the Big City. Meredith kept saying over and over, "I LOVE Chicago." She's just like her mommy! What a fun family time.

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