Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I want to ride my bicycle ...

A while ago a cute squeaky voice answered back when I picked up my phone. It was a sweet little boy who lives a few blocks away who gets along well with my girls and wanted them (all three) to come play with him and his little sister.  

Soon I found myself alone in the house with Carson who was getting sleepy. The thought occurred to me that I could strap him in the bike trailer for his nap and set off for a little adventure, biking to places where my five year old can't keep up and would get too tired-out to go. 

So we rode about 12 minutes on the trail that goes behind our house, and over a few blocks, to Zionsville's quaint Main Street. I would have stopped for coffee but didn't want to interrupt the baby's nap! 

We love biking as a family here, to the farmer's market, to other events, to get a doughnut, to the park in town, etc. 

Clara acts like a queen sitting on top of the world riding behind Kevin on the tag along bike. Meredith can hold her own on her little bike. And the two little kids are pulled in the trailer. We love it. 

Here is Carson sleeping in his trailer ... And my new bike Kevin got me for my birthday. 

Here are the kids, after a bike ride. I have also been making them ride once a week to the library (about 2.5 miles away). And also sometimes to the grocery store (about the same). Mostly they enjoy it. When they complain I just tell them that it's good for them and hopefully it will make them stronger!  I want to model an active lifestyle because I think it will help them have a better quality life. 


In other bike news ... Kevin and I had the most fun biking experience I can imagine a few weeks ago when we did the Indianapolis NITE ride. It was an 18 mile ride starting at 11:00 p.m. in downtown Indy. We rode past monument circle and the state house and the children's museum and then gave a bunch of people in the 'hood some high fives and ended up stopping at Butler University for a quick snack.  Then we rode back, past the art museum and through some neighborhoods, ending up back at IUPUI. And then there was a pasta dinner at 1:30 a.m. It was awesome. 

The whole city was lit up and beautiful and so peaceful at night. It made my city seem smaller, too, riding my bike past all these places I normally drive. We want to do it every year! So fun!

We rode with some of Kevin's office mates. A coworker of his made shirts for everyone. 

Can't wait until NITE ride 2014!!!