Friday, August 31, 2007


Clara has been smiling for a few weeks now but it wasn't until today that I was able to capture it with the camera. (It's harder than you might think.) It's sad to see all traces of the newborn phase go away. But this is a fun phase too.

Transitioning to Two

Before Clara was born I was really overwhelmed at the thought of having a newborn and a toddler, plus juggling everything else with Kevin’s schedule and my side job.

Now that Clara is nearly six weeks old I can say that the transition has been a lot better than I expected. This is partially due to the fact that Clara is a much easier baby than Meredith was. Compared with an active toddler, she’s hardly any work at all. She eats and sleeps and rarely ever cries for anything. She also has this totally relaxed personality, in contrast to Meredith’s Type A.

And, of course, God gives grace for the moment. We often can’t foresee the extent of that grace when we are peering into the future.

One caveat to my “glowing report” is that I’m still relying on some freezer meals and I haven’t technically started back at my job yet. That happens next week.

So, next week you can ask me how I’m doing and maybe you’ll get a different story.

Monday, August 27, 2007


This summer has brought us a birth, a wedding, and a death. Right now we are mourning the loss of Kevin’s grandfather. I watched Kevin stand at his grandfather’s bed several days before he passed away. When is grandfather stirred, Kevin went to hold his hand. He said, “I never want my grandfather to think he is alone.” He wasn’t alone. His family lovingly surrounded him in those last moments. It was precious to see the legacy of a man who poured his life into his family. He was there for them and they were there for him. We will miss you grandpa. And someday we will be with you again.

Another Week in Pictures

Jazz band at the Artsgarden.

Downtown Indy

One snowcone, two straws.

At the Dior exhibit of the Art Museum—this one says “feel free to touch” in case you were wondering.

Sibs and Nieces

At the Lilly Grounds


Clara with Grandma W.

Clara with Grandpa W.

Meredith and Melissa at Conner Prairie.

Meredith is truly an animal lover. She’s never met an animal she hasn’t wanted to kiss.

Yes sir, that’s me! This girl from Los Angeles milked her first cow. Everyone should do it once in their life, right?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

This Week in Pictures

Enjoying Mommy-Clara Time
Meredith at the State Fair--the cows were her favorite.

The baby chicks were a close second--she laughed and laughed.

At West Park with Aunt Melissa

We're so glad my family is here to visit for ten days from CA. We enjoyed a hike at Turkey Run State Park on Saturday.

Yes, all FOUR of us went on the hike.

Clara Faith was baptized on Sunday.

After the baptism.

Meredith enjoyed playing with Aunt Christy's shoes, hat and glasses.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Six Random Things

Icy Cold Milk—I have really fond memories of my mother putting individual glasses of milk in the freezer for us, to get them really icy cold, whenever we ate homemade cookies and other desserts. (This is probably akin to when mothers put bath towels in the dryer to get them warm for their kids after their baths.) Milk is the best when it has sat in the freezer for ten minutes so that a ring of icy milk forms along the glass. Last night we had chocolate chip cookies with icy cold milk from the freezer, while watching the second Bourne movie. Thanks mom, for this great childhood memory.

Curiously Strong Peppermints—Yesterday Meredith ate nearly half a container of Altoids while I was in the shower. As soon as she heard the shower water turn off, she ran upstairs and said, “I ate my mints!” She had found the brand new container of Altoids on the computer desk and managed to remove the shrink wrap by herself. Many of the mints left in the container had been bit in half. I guess she decided to sample as many as she could. To my surprise, she never got sick to her stomach. But the sugar did have its affect and she was WILD for the rest of the day and evening.

Free Fair Tickets—Every year there are free fair tickets in the Monday Indy Star newspaper. Yesterday I loaded both kids in the car, which was quite the ordeal and took forever (if you’re a new mom of two kids, you understand), and went to the local gas station to get the paper. I would have walked except it was probably 125 degrees outside. (Slightly exaggerating.) Unfortunately for me, the paper announced that the free tickets would be in Tuesday’s paper this year, instead. Today I ran out and got the tickets before Kevin left for work. I’ve come to greatly appreciate anything that has a drive-through these days!

Canines—Meredith told us yesterday, in no uncertain terms, “I want a dog to keep at my house.” We knew this day would come sometime soon, since she loves dogs so much, but we didn’t think it would be this soon. We are going to try to hold her at bay for a while. Like 16 more years, hopefully.

Squashing Bugs— This morning Meredith saw a piece of black string on the bathroom floor. When she pointed it out to me, I asked her to pick it up and throw it in the trash. She gasped, “No! I need to kill it first!” She ran and got a tissue, smooshed the piece of string with the tissue, and said, “There. It’s dead now.” Then she threw it away, along with the tissue. Meredith totally cracks me up. She makes me laugh, usually hard, every day.

Facebook, Again—Okay, I’ve had the weekend to digest Facebook a little bit more. It’s in no way a comparison to Blogger. Blogger is for people who enjoy writing. (I’m too much of a journalist to not use Blogger.) Facebook is for everyone. One thing about Facebook that I find interesting is this whole “writing on the wall” thing. When I read other people’s walls I often feel like an intruder. It’s like I’m spying on private conversations—like reading people’s personal e-mail inboxes or something. In fact, I found out by reading someone’s wall that a mutual friend is expecting a baby. X wrote to Y that she is pregnant. But because the wall is public, I got to read the note. Weird. But, whatever. Despite this little quirk, I think Facebook is great and I am definitely having fun with it, when time allows.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Be My "Friend"

It seems that the word “friend” has taken on a new dimension with the advent of Facebook. Yes—thanks to my very wonderful bro-in-law Colin, who took my picture, created a password, and entirely set it up for me—I now have a Facebook account.

Because I now have a Facebook account, surely I am well on my way to being culturally relevant, right? In any event, I feel better about myself since having joined the Facebook craze. Now I can see what all the fuss is about.

Already several people have “found me.” Some of these people are individuals whom I once talked with regularly and really enjoyed their company but have since lost touch with them. In this crazy, mad, busy world, it’s easy to lose touch with quality people, isn’t it?

So, this could be fun. I may not check my Facebook account five times a day but, when I do check it, I think it will be good for kicks.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Wedding Weekend, etc.

Here are a few snapshots of the wedding taken with my little camera (and some other random recent pictures). But if you want a real treat, see the pictures that our photographer friend from church Kevin Swan took! Amazing!!!

We wondered all along if Meredith would actually make it down the aisle as a flower girl. She did well at the rehearsal but got stage fright at the ceremony. She asked grandpa to hold her hand and he did. She walked down the aisle WITH him, staring bashfully at the floor. But she was cute anyway and I know it was one of the highlights of her life-thus-far to be a flower girl in aunt Megan's wedding!

Megan was a beautiful bride, the ceremony and reception were very memorable, elegant, and fun. We're glad KC is a part of our family now. Best wishes to the happy couple as they honeymoon and settle down in Texas!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Five-Year Reflections

Wow. I can hardly believe I’m saying this but, as of tomorrow, Kevin and I will have been married five years.

The other day I started thinking about what has happened since August 3, 2002, when Kevin and I joined our lives together.

In five years we moved five times. We lived in three different states, four different times. On two separate occasions we left our jobs for unknown future employment. We bought a house in a seller’s market. We sold a house (in the nick of time) in a buyer’s market. Kevin has been enrolled in two different law schools. We’ve had two beautiful babies.

Although I hope the next five years are slightly less eventful, despite all the challenges the past five years have been the happiest years of my life. Kevin and I have faced all of these things together as a team. Our love has endured. Our love is strong.

Neither of us have any regrets about marrying young. We are thankful to have shared so much of our life-thus-far together. Marriage and children require sacrifice. But these things have made life so full and rich.

Kevin is the type of guy I never thought existed. When I first met him, he caught me by surprise and I couldn’t help but love him. I love the fact that Kevin is so smart and savvy but also so good, selfless, and kind.

Kevin, you inspire me. I’m such a lucky girl to have you. I love you always. Happy 5th!

That’s Our Meredith

Lately Meredith has been wearing a gold Burger King crown every day, along with a red Minnie Mouse dress with white polka dots that we recently found in a hand-me-down box. I often sit and watch her prance around the house with her dress and hat covering her messy hair. She’s in a stage right now where she hates to have her hair brushed. I only make her do it when we’re going out. So, most days she’s twirling around the house with messy hair. She looks quite comical. But in her own little mind (as evidenced by the way she prances), with her dress and paper crown, she is the most beautiful creature in the world.

Here are some recent highlights straight from our two-year-old daughter’s mouth.


Amy: “Meredith, stop whining.”
Mer: “Maybe some grapes would make you [Meredith] happy.”
Amy: Gets some grapes and starts to pick them off the stem.
Mer: “No! Leave them on the tree.”

Mer: “I want to go outside!”
Kevin: “Sorry babe, it’s raining.”
Mer: “Put up an umbrella and stay dry!”

Mer: “I want French fries.”
Amy: “We don’t have any French fries.”
Mer: “Go to Old McDonalds!”
Amy: “Daddy took the car today. We don’t have a car.”
Mer: “We walk!”

Amy: “Meredith, you are going to grandma’s house tonight.”
Mer: [eyes light up] “I probably eat dinner there. And spend the night, probably!”

Amy: “You are going to have pasta and green beans for lunch.”
Mer: “No green beans.”
Amy: “Yes, green beans will help you grow big and strong.”
Mer: “I’m already strong.”

Amy: “Meredith, come brush your hair.”
Mer: “No, my hair messy!”
Amy: “Don’t you want to look nice for Mr. & Mrs. Myers?”
Mer: [smile] “I look messy for Mr. & Mrs. Myers.”

Other quotes:

“Mommy happy now!” --This is what she says whenever she is obedient in response my direction. All day long, I hear how I should be such a happy person.

“That mommy is sad!” --In response to watching a labor and delivery video and seeing the woman experience a contraction. When the woman had another contraction Meredith said, “That mommy is sad again!”

“Two weeks! My baby sister in MY tummy will come out in two weeks!” –Because, according to Meredith, she is pregnant just like mommy was.

“That’s a mess! That man sweep it up!” --At the grocery store when she saw some produce scattered in the aisle. She then pointed out an employee and suggested that he clean it up. I didn’t know whether to die of embarrassment or laugh.

“It’s nice and cool and windy outside.” –After feeling a breeze on her cheek. Meredith is really into “making lists” right now. Her prayers at the dinner table are starting to take five minutes now that she wants to thank God for every piece of food and each family member’s napkin, etc.

“Stop talking, Kevin! Nooooo talking!” --This is what she told her daddy in the car the other day. It was one of those times when you know you need to discipline your child but you can’t stop laughing because it’s funny. Meredith has already stopped calling us “mommy” and “daddy” and most of the time calls us “mom” and “dad.” But bossing us around on a first-name basis is over the top.