Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Our Clara

Here are some shots of my Clara (age 3 1/2). She is becoming so grown-up lately. No one can make me laugh harder than Clara, who is witty and downright funny. Someone else will say something and then she will copy it, but say it in a different way and make us all laugh.

Clara is usually the most outgoing, most friendly child in a group. The other day I watched her interact with some friends in her MOPPETS class. She was holding the hands of two different children at once and kept turning her head back and forth so she could talk to both of them.

She just learned how to write her name perfectly and she is so proud of herself. She still LOVES babies more than anything. She is very competitive. And she loves to sing songs at the top of her lungs. She also loves to have her picture taken, if you couldn't tell!

I look forward to watching Clara grow into a young woman, as long as she doesn't grow too fast!






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Endearing One Year Old

We love this little girl. She sure does light up our life! Our favorite thing that she does lately is copy everything she sees. If you give her a pen, she will pretend to write. If you give her a brush, she will pretend to brush her hair. Etc., etc. She is so close to walking. We'll see ... I'm definitely NOT in a hurry.




Sophia is SO playful!





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Le Mama Salon

Here are some pictures of the haircuts I gave my girls a week ago. Playing with hair is pretty fun. Although, I will admit that sometimes I think it would be nice to have boys and buzz it all off and not have to deal with the tangles and a myriad of hair accessories that clutter my bathroom and seemingly every other space of the house!!

Clara's haircut especially suits her personality!








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