Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Le Mama Salon

Here are some pictures of the haircuts I gave my girls a week ago. Playing with hair is pretty fun. Although, I will admit that sometimes I think it would be nice to have boys and buzz it all off and not have to deal with the tangles and a myriad of hair accessories that clutter my bathroom and seemingly every other space of the house!!

Clara's haircut especially suits her personality!








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Brooke said...

Wow, Amy! Do you cut for adults too? I thought the kids looked wonderful in their new styles :) Bravo!

Rachelle said...

You are so brave. Mike has been disappointed that I'm not interested in cutting his hair or the kids. I can't cut paper straight; hair is not something I mess with! You did great!

Anonymous said...

You didn't go to school for that, did you?