Friday, March 28, 2014

December Snow, March Snow


Do you see this happy scene?  The scene above is that first December dusting of snow that brings out the kid in everyone, if you let it.  Everyone loves December snow.  Now it is March.  Very few people love March snow.  

The weathermen predicted a harsh winter and they weren't kidding.  Last November I told a friend who had moved here from California, "Indiana winters aren't bad. You just pull out all those cute scarves and boots and bundle up and it's just fine."  I texted her in mid-January and said, "Sorry, I lied."  

Despite the aversion to March snow, we were grateful that we did get one more big snow the first week in March, just in time for the kids' spring break.  We took the older two kids to a ski resort just outside Cincinnati.  It was one of the most perfect days I can remember.  I guess I was just grateful that we were able to have some quality time with Meredith and Clara, who are growing up so fast.  

It was the kids' second time to snow ski, as Kevin took them by himself last year.  They were amazing.  By the end of the day, they were going down all the intermediate slopes with flair and grace, snow plowing very little.  For me, it had been 10 years.  Yes, 10!!  I think it had something to do with helping to populate the earth and breastfeeding small babies for the better part of a decade.  I'm glad the long hiatus is over and I plan to go as much as I can from here on out.  I now remember why I always thought downhill snow skiing was one of the most fun things to do on earth.  

Here we are on one of the lifts, taking in the scenery, and watching the freckles grow on the girls' noses.  How I love them. I'm so glad for this day and the chance to make this memory when they were age six and eight.  I want to hold on to these moments forever but I guess the still shots will have to do. 

This Boy

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Sophia Ballerina

My dear sweet girl who loves ballet (maybe I will finally get a girl who sticks with it) turned four in January.  Surprisingly, this was the hardest kid birthday for me to reckon with.  I think, when you have four children, life is so busy that you NEED the older ones to grow up a little bit so they can be more independent.  It's not that you want to fast-forward their childhood, it's simply about survival. But now my baby girl is four.  I'm not sure I'm okay with that.  

I have enjoyed Sophia being three so much.  On the eve of her fourth birthday, I slipped into her room and watched her while she slept. I couldn't help but feeling a tinge bit sad.  She is my cuddle bug.  She is the child who expects nothing and contentedly sits by my side.  When a kid is three years old, they take everything that you say as gospel truth.  Sophia has these big, trusting blue eyes, that say, "I believe you and I love you and I'm just so happy to be with you right now."  

Now she is four.  Four is and will be great.  But I will always look back at age three with fondness.  Sophia, you are a JOY.  It's been so great having a three-year-old as sweet as you.