Friday, March 28, 2014

Sophia Ballerina

My dear sweet girl who loves ballet (maybe I will finally get a girl who sticks with it) turned four in January.  Surprisingly, this was the hardest kid birthday for me to reckon with.  I think, when you have four children, life is so busy that you NEED the older ones to grow up a little bit so they can be more independent.  It's not that you want to fast-forward their childhood, it's simply about survival. But now my baby girl is four.  I'm not sure I'm okay with that.  

I have enjoyed Sophia being three so much.  On the eve of her fourth birthday, I slipped into her room and watched her while she slept. I couldn't help but feeling a tinge bit sad.  She is my cuddle bug.  She is the child who expects nothing and contentedly sits by my side.  When a kid is three years old, they take everything that you say as gospel truth.  Sophia has these big, trusting blue eyes, that say, "I believe you and I love you and I'm just so happy to be with you right now."  

Now she is four.  Four is and will be great.  But I will always look back at age three with fondness.  Sophia, you are a JOY.  It's been so great having a three-year-old as sweet as you.