Thursday, October 23, 2003


A: It's 54 degrees this morning in Sacramento. Of course, this afternoon it will be 80 degrees. That's how weird the weather is here. But, anyway, my point is that it was cold this morning as I walked down "K" street to my office. Ahead of me was a woman, also presumably walking to her office, wearing a skirt that came to her knees, with bare legs and open toed sandals. That's how crazy Californians are. They wear clothes like that all year round despite "low" temperatures. (I put low in quotes because I spent last winter in Indiana and nothing here is low compared to there!) When I lived in Long Beach, people wore shorts all year round. How fun is that? You have to get out your cute sweaters sometime!
Anyhow, life here has been busy and full. Kevin started a new job working for the Zumbrun Law Firm, a firm that specializes in litigating property rights. He is enjoying it so far. I'm sure he would love to tell you about it personally but he actually WORKS for a living! ;-) I just talk politics all day and occasionally put myself to good use. So, you're stuck with me for now. :)
Before Kev got this new job he took a CPS case to help out a family. It was a referral from his old boss at HSLDA. The judge scheduled trial for three weeks later. It has been a stressful time because he is trying to juggle that and also get in 35 billable hours every week for his new boss! Plus, when you start a new job, you are trying to adjust to new personalities in the office, find out where the bathrooms are and the sticky notes, etc. Poor Kev. But, knowing him, he's gonna do GREAT. :)

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