Monday, January 23, 2006

Animal Attacks

Yesterday I was assaulted by two animals. As I was getting out of the car for church, this large ugly dog lunged toward me and I shrieked loudly. Kevin was amused by this.

After church, we took a picnic lunch to the park. Kevin took Meredith to the pond to feed the ducks some of our leftover chips. At that point, a particularly ugly goose decided to make a run for me. I again screamed loudly and started running away. Kevin, again, was amused.

Why do animals hate me so much? They must sense that I don’t like them either.

For the record, I also scream at ugly bugs.


Amber said...

I always scream at ANY bug, even it it can barely be seen it freaks me out, and by the way, it amuses Chris too! :)

J R Phillips said...

Come on lets crawl
(gotta crawl, gotta crawl)
to the ugly bug ball
(to the ball, to the ball),
and a swingin' time we'll have there,
one and all
(at the ugly bug ball)!

If you can name the Disney movie that came from, you win a prize.

Kevin said...

"Summer Magic." What's my prize?

Kevin & Amy said...

My guess is Kevin used the internet to find his answer. But, then again Janice, you didn't qualify your bet. :)

I was going to say "A Bug's Life" but then I thought that would be too obvious. No prizes for Amy.

Andrew & Alaina said...

We had a couple of mice at our house last year and that made me scream. Andrew could hardly deal with it because he was laughing so hard. I think I may have stood on the sofa to get away from it. :) So, I feel your pain...what happened to our husbands protecting us from dogs, geese, mice, and bugs? :)