Monday, August 15, 2005

Green Roses

On Friday night we went to a gorgeous wedding followed by an incredibly fun dinner reception. The most beautiful thing about the wedding was the flowers and the large dripping ivory candles. The flowers were white roses that had been dyed mostly green, with some white peeping through. They were bundled with a large assortment of greenery and some green berries, and tied with a lime green ribbon. It was stunning. (In fact, I spent the first ten minutes of the wedding bemoaning the fact that I forgot my camera!)

After dinner, most of the young people hit the dance floor. Meredith was asleep in her infant seat at the time and an older man we knew offered to watch her so we could dance.

On the dance floor, we spotted our pastor. (It was his daughter who got married.) Kevin remarked how weird it is to see your pastor dance. Maybe it's just the fact that neither of us can imagine any of our other pastors, at any of the other churches we've gone to, dancing. But, I think it's great when pastors dance. [Okay, I'm going to shut up now ... because this paragraph is quickly getting retarded … ]

Anyway, it was fun to have an excuse to wear black tie and have an evening out. And we were very glad to be able to help celebrate the joyous marriage of our friends Al and Ruth.

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