Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Okay, I just watched thirty minutes of Elmo on Sesame Street while feeding Meredith. And, actually, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. (I even laughed outloud a few times!) I found Elmo to be a very fascinating individual and I can see why kids around the globe adore him.

Okay ... I'm still trying to figure out all the ramifications of my so immensely enjoying watching Sesame Street. Maybe this is concrete proof that I'm still a kid at heart.


Eddie said...

Oh you'll hate him soon enough. Errrrrrr elmo

the Joneses said...

Sesame Street actually is rather engaging. There's a reason why it's been around longer than we have. Blues Clues is pretty cool, although Geni Hall claims the Wiggles are better (we got into quite a spirited discussion about this). But if you start laughing out loud to Tellytubbies, THEN we need to look into medication.

-- SJ

Anonymous said...

Does allowing your children to watch sesame street, blues clues, wiggles, etc violate some homeschool code of conduct?

I mean seriously, earlier generations of homeschoolers would never allow such a thing.

Anonymous said...

I like the take-a-dump-Elmo for potty training your kids.

Very funny.

Sarah M. said...

I don't get Wiggles... I think it's the adult males running around talking like... Um... and don't get me started on Tellytubbies. I have never heard such incoherent babbling, except form a toddler. And even that is insulting to say. Been too long to comment on SS. Is Mr. Rogers still on the air?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rogers kicked the bucket last year. C'mon Sarah, where've you been?

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how you look at programs in more detail concerning how they affect your children and what they teach. SS is entertaining but we limit viewing due to the two minute segments that train kids to have lots of activity to be entertained. Not to mention some of the pc stuff SS has/is doing like the Count having to mediate to get rid of a headache! And now there is talk of an HIV muppet being introduced! Anyway, we limit SS.
Elmo is the BEST and is only on SS the last 15 minutes of the show. Kids like him because he is super nice and exposes them to interesting subjects on their level.
Tellytubbies are British. There was a huge stink recently about one of the characters being gay but I can't even tell if they are male or female! The appeal is to LITTLE ones which is why they tend to babble like toddlers. Babies like to see babies. That is a fact.
The Wiggles are Australian. They are multi-millionares in their country with degrees in preschool education. My boys love singing and the Wiggles sing some catchy songs that they love to sing and dance with. If you have a child that loves music, they are a hit! And yes, we ARE loyal fans :)
That is my two cents worth. Even our oldest six watched SS so it isn't true that early generations didn't allow it! geni

sarah m. said...

There is such a thing called Reruns. Hence Mr. Rogers could still be on the air, I didn't say if he was making new shows.

Anonymous said...

I love homeschoolers.