Monday, August 30, 2004

Tired, Annoyed and Happy

We got the keys to our house on Thursday. Finally! When we entered the house, we were instantly overwhelmed. The seller, unfortunately, has a very different definition of “clean and habitable” than we do. We spent at least nine hours cleaning on Thursday and Friday. It was so horrible; I can’t even begin to tell you how bad it was. I know it’s not a very Christian thing to say but I really wanted to strangle the lady for leaving the place such a mess. I was really vexed and agitated. I was especially annoyed with the filthy aftermath left by her dogs. While taking a break after cleaning upstairs, I laid down on the carpet. When I got up, there were jillions of dog hairs clinging to my clothes (did this lady ever vacuum?!). All the kitchen cupboards had food crumbs and sticky residue inside. I won’t even begin to tell you how bad the refrigerator was. I spent two hours cleaning the refrigerator. Some of the mess wouldn’t come off with soap and hot water so I had to use bleach! The walls and all the downstairs windows were filthy from dog dirt and dog slobber. Basically, what I’m trying to convey to you is, I am now more anti-dog than ever before!! Kevin remarked that hating dogs is biblical. (I realize I am going to really offend some of you dog-lovers by saying this. But, at this point, I’m so tired that I don’t care.) Every time dogs are mentioned in scripture, it’s with a negative connotation. So, presumptively, God must think that dogs are evil too.

Several friends came over on Saturday to help us move our furniture and heavy boxes. We were really grateful for the help. Now that we’re officially “in” our house, our minds have been racing with all of the home improvements we want to accomplish. Some of them are things we “need” to do. Most of them are things we “want” to do. Last night we sat down and wrote a long list of things to work on. It will be exciting to cross things off the list.

Kevin (looking at our backyard): “Amy, this is our dirt! Can you believe it?! I could go out there right now and dig a hole – and no one would care.”
Amy: “No one would care about the hole except for ME.”
Kevin: “That’s true.”

Now that our house is actually clean, I think we’re going to really enjoy being homeowners!

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