Monday, December 21, 2009

Kid Quotes


I constantly give Clara lectures about not drinking milk that has been sitting out (i.e., the sippy cup got lost for a few hours). One day I said, “Clara, old milk will make you sick.” Her eyes widened and she asked, “Make me killed?”

Clara is so excited about her new baby sister. She loves to talk to her. She presses her lips against my tummy and says things like, “I a big sister” and “Hey baby! When you going come out?!”

While in California last month, we pulled up to a drive through. Clara spotted ice cream on the menu and said, “I like ice cream!” Kevin proceeded to order two tacos. Clara then yelled, “No! I no want two tacos.” She then leaned forward as far as she could in her carseat and screamed, “Hey, LADY!! I no want two tacos!!”

Clara is such a junk food junkie. If we let her, she would only eat sugar. One day I told her, "If all you eat is sugar you will be fat with lots of pimples." She replied, "I like be fat and pimples!"

Kevin took Clara for a daddy/daughter date on Saturday morning. We have been having to discipline her a lot lately and he wanted to give her some extra time and positive attention. He let her pick where to go for breakfast: McDonald's or Starbucks. At first she said "McDonalds." Then after they got in the car she said, "ACTUALLY, Starbucks!"


She recently pulled a sesame seed off her hamburger bun and said, “Oh look mom! Now we can plant hamburgers and grow them in our garden. Let’s save some of these!”

At bedtime, I leaned down and gave her 5-6 kisses. She said, “I’m going to give YOU even more kisses than that. Your face is bigger so I can give you more.”

At a restaurant, I took Meredith with me to the restroom. Behind us there were some dark haired ladies. She said in a loud voice, “Are those Chinese people coming in here too?” In the stall, I quietly told her that it’s not nice to talk about where people are from in front of them. She meekly replied, “I’m little and I just don’t know very much yet, do I?”


Monica said...

Amy, these are priceless! So funny.

Pragyan Mohanty said...

Cool... Mer has always been a star but now the little one is about to be one too...!!

Megan said...

I love my little nieces!! They are favorites. I'm completely smitten with them. :)

S. Mehrens said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing. We enjoyed them and got a chuckle out of everything, but especially the two tacos story. Sounds like Lauren. :)