Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Looking a little more like Christmas ...

The tree is still not fully decorated. It's been very, very, very busy around here with Kevin working a ton of hours and me being one very tired pregnant momma (recently diagnosed as anemic). So, I'm trying to just be easy-going about the fact that the house is not looking the way I want it to look yet. And, truthfully, many of the decorations will probably stay in the box this year.

But here are a few snapshots of our attempts to bring Christmas cheer to our home!

We got a tree. We chose the most freezing night to go out and get it!

Kevin's hands went numb trying to load it on top of our car.

And here are some lights Kevin strung up on our house. And he got a timer so they automatically go on at dusk and stay on for six hours. There are a lot of lights in our neighborhood. I love seeing all the Christmas spirit!
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Rachelle said...

Anemic on top of pregnant....Take care of yourself. You'll need it for afterward. :)