Tuesday, December 01, 2009


It's that time of year! This year we have two advent calendars because my aunt gave us one, in addition to the beautiful one Megan made for the kids by hand. Eventually I'd like to use one to do a Jesse Tree. (I've already put it on my 2010 calendar, post-baby of course, to gather/make ornaments so I can do it next year. Here's crossing my fingers!)

But for this year, I had fun filling the boxes and pockets with small toys, personal items, stickers, and candy for the girls to open every day.

I also took a tip from a friend and made two paper chains as another advent activity. Each day the girls get to tear another link off the chain and watch the chain get smaller and smaller. This is a visual aid for children to understand exactly how many more days until Christmas.

Now I just need to crank up the Christmas music 'cuz I'm totally in the mood.

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Anonymous said...

Amy, I also saw on a blog that you can wrap up Christmas books, and number them. Then everynight have them unwrap a different Christmas story! I think you could also do this with Christmas library books...We are planning on doing the paper chains today!