Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is the one Christmas thing we have that I would probably cry over if it broke. It was the first thing I bought, for our first Christmas after we married. And the best part is that I got it at the dollar store! I reminded Kevin (as I love to), that it wasn't even a dollar per figurine. It was a dollar for the whole nativity set. I love it because it reminds me of that first Christmas, in our apartment in Leesburg, VA, that was only 486 square feet. Floods of memories. Of beautiful icicles on the berry-covered tree outside our balcony. Of Kevin studying for finals. Of me trying to learn how to cook something besides tacos. Of packing up and moving to another state, having no clue what the future held. Of not being able to have a tree, because we were moving. But we did have that little nativity set.

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet "first Christmas."
G Ma S

Concha Leon said...

Hi Amy and Kevin, it"s been so long and yet it feels like yesterday when I got Kevin's call while in Tahoe that Meredith was born! A lot happening here in California. I thought of you guys today as I was cleaning out my desk and found a few of Kevin's cards, along with all my birthday cards for all my years at Zumbrun. Well Zumbrun is no longer. It's a long story. I see you'll be having a new addition to your family soon. What a blessing. Well I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2010. God bless, with love Concha Leon.