Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Fun

We started something that I think will be a tradition because it was so fun--looking at Christmas lights in our pajamas. We got the kids in their jammies and then I got mine on too. Kevin was like, "Adults have to wear pajamas too?" And I said, "YES." (Just pray when you're out, you don't have to suddenly use the bathroom.) Then we came home, made kettle corn, and watched a Christmas movie with the kids. They loved it. And I loved it just as much.

Indianapolis has a really great "12 Free Days of Christmas" where local museums and other attractions are free. Today we went to the Oldfields Mansion where Meredith was so excited to count seven fireplaces! The girls loved seeing it all decorated. It was great to talk with them about what it might have been like to live in another time period, and of course be very rich!

We've also been to see Santa, and to the Yule Slide, at the Children's Museum several times. Clara recently prayed, "Dear God, thank you for mommy, for daddy, and for Santa Claus." Hmmmm. We have taught our children that St. Nicholas was someone who lived a long time ago and was very kind and gave gifts to the poor. We sing Santa songs and play pretend Santa, "just for fun" and not because he is currently alive. Today at a library class Meredith told a little boy that "Santa is dead" and he started crying to his mom. She had been oblivious to the fact that many other children have a different understanding of Santa. I had a talk with her in the car about sensitivity toward other people's practices. But what do you do?

Last weekend we went to the BEST library program ever. It was all about "The Polar Express." The kids wore their jammies, got their train tickets and a bell to wear around their necks, boarded the train, and then they were read the story. Afterward was a fun Christmas party. The local children's librarians are simply amazing. They are such dedicated, creative, fun people. We try to go to as many of these (free!) programs as possible.








The kids get a prize for finding a bunch of objects in this village (e.g., girl with cocoa, orange cat, garbage cans, Starbucks stand, etc.) and then crossing them off a list. Meredith especially enjoyed the hunt:

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