Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sick baby, sick toddler, sick mommy.


If you’ve noticed my absence on Blogger, it’s because last week I was super busy and this week we’ve all been sick.

This was my first time to have two sick kids and be sick myself. Meredith had a nasty head cold which she generously passed on to her mother and baby sister. Then Meredith got the flu. We changed her bed sheets five times in one night. The second time she got sick, I got smart and put a plastic bag over her pillow before putting her pillow case on top!! Fortunately no one else got the flu. I think God knew I was at the limits of what I could handle.

But I have to say … caring for kids while you are sick yourself is the pits. Mommies don’t get any “sick time” off to sleep and drink chamomile tea when they’re under the weather.

Kevin’s wonderful mother brought us chicken pot pie last night for dinner. Let me just say that, when you’re sick, there’s nothing better than having yummy, homemade chicken pot pie delivered to your doorstep. Mmmm. Good, healthy comfort food!


Megan said...

I'm sorry you guys have been sick. That's rotten. I wish I could've come over and held the girls while you laid in bed and rested. Glad to hear that you are feeling a tad better. Love you!

Rebecca said...

I hope that everyone returns to full health quickly and that mommy get rest.:)And you're right being the sick mother of sick kids is the pits.:)

Ben, Kyri & Rachelle said...

I can empathize...It is hard enough to have one family member sick but when you all get it....And the Mommy gets no break even if she is sick. Glad you are all better.-rlr

Alaina said...

We're right there with you today. So sorry it's been a rough week!