Friday, October 21, 2011

Italian Pastry Diversion

Sometimes the days are so long and so hard.  It's so rare that I get any sort of break.  That is why those mandatory afternoon "quiet times" are absolutely golden. 

This week has been especially long since Kevin has had multiple evening engagements.  Yesterday I finally turned to the kids and said, "Is the reason you are so whiny because your dad has not been home?"  Then they started bawling louder.  If kids were at all logical, they would be extra kind when their dad is not home to help out their poor mom.  But, alas, kids are not logical.  

At the end of the day yesterday, when the kids were finally in bed, I decided to absolve myself of the guilt of dirty dishes and crumbs on the floor and that big, thick book I still need to finish for book club.  I decided to watch Cake Boss on Netflix.  

Let me just say: I love Cake Boss!!  

Here is this larger-than-life, boisterous Italian family in New Jersey, operating this 100-year-old bakery and producing these incredible cakes that can only be described as masterful works of art.  Last night I watched them make a Leaning Tower of Pisa cake.  Amazing!

I love watching them yell at each other and love on each other and make these beautiful creations.  It's 23 minutes of comic diversion for this tired mom's soul. I need that now and then. 


David A. Williams said...

I love That show!

Monica said...

I found myself enthralled by this show last winter as a diversion. LOVED it, too. Then I got extremely distracted by "Say Yes to the Dress" on Netflix. I'm pretty sure that was an addictive waste of my time, though.

Diary of an Autodidact said...

I'm more of an "Ace of Cakes" kind of guy. Totally with you on the kid thing. Why CAN'T they give me a break when mommy is gone?

Judy said...

On nights when my husband is late coming home and I am running out of steam I tell them if they get ready for bed early we can read a book. They love to have me read to them and I have found it to be a needed break. They sit quietly while I read Peter Pan or Ramona the Pest. I pick books that I enjoy too so that it's fun for me. We do this several times a week and it's become something we all look forward to.