Sunday, October 09, 2011

Running ... continued.

I have continued the C25K running plan, with only one slight set back. During week three, I got a head cold. So, I decided to repeat a few days of week three, rather than moving on and kicking it up a notch. Currently I am running nine minutes out of 23. When I start week four, I will be running 16 minutes out of 26.5. Eek. That seems like a big jump to me.

On Saturday morning, I started my walk/run a little later than usual because Kevin was home and I had more flexibility. As I started out, it was just before sunrise and there was a thin fog ahead of me. The world was still and peaceful. I was the only one out. After 10 minutes, I got on the trail that runs behind my house. It was getting lighter at that point and I could see all of the splendid fall foliage and listen to the golden leaves crunch underneath my feet. I started to see a few more people out and about. I continued running and walking alternately, enjoying the crisp fall air. By the time I got home, the sun had just started rising and the sky was full of colorful splendor. I sat down on my back porch to enjoy all the color. All of the stillness. All of the peace. Every time I do this, in the end I think, "It is worth it." It is really hard to get up early. Especially when I feel sick. But in the end, I really, really enjoy it. I can understand why people really love running. When I run, I feel alive.


Diary of an Autodidact said...

I agree, running with a cold is not fun. On the other hand, when it clears up and I can breathe again, it's like losing 20 pounds...

A few more months of this and you'll be ready for a mud run!

banderclip said...

Hi Amy,
I've followed your blog for a while now, via Charlessa McConnel's blog a while back...I hope that's not weird. Anyway I wanted to let you know I appreciate your writings and thoughts. I am currently beginning home-school for my 3 year old daughter (not tons of stuff, going slow). Just wanted to say hi! My blog is