Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Day!

Pumpkin Day is a big deal at our house. This is our third year (maybe fourth?) doing it and it just gets more fun every year. We always start the day off with pumpkin pancakes at our house, go to a really fun pumpkin patch and fall fest, and then end the day eating more pumpkin goodies. This year Kevin's mom hosted dinner and made Spicy Pumpkin Sweet Potato Soup. And, of course, we had pumpkin pie. I originally got the idea to do this from the book Pumpkin Day by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace. What a fun day!!






















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Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures....Thanks
for sharing....G Ma S

Jen said...

I love that you have a pumpkin day!! I want to do that someday...great pics!

David said...

Be Glad they didn't ride the Shetland ponie I rode. last time I road a ponie of that size it took of as soon as I sat down. (at probably around 30mph!) all i could do was hold on as it raced across the pasture. the wind whipped at my face but i felt total peace as of the eye of a tornado. Then suddenly i hit the wall!(not littarly) The juvenile horse kicked me off. I almost Blacked out but im still hear to tell the story.
P.S. I hope this story doesn't heed you from letting mar,clar, and soap ride ponies. It was just a freak accident.