Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I have a dream ...

... of a day soon when I shall have time to write real blog posts again.

We are currently planning a whirlwind trip to Dallas to see Kevin's sister and a few friends who live there. Today I made a list entitled: "Road Survival Plan."

This pre-planning will hopefully keep us sane on the road with three kids, ages five and younger. I have high hopes for the older two. I came up with numerous ideas and found some things online that I think will work.

Basically no one in the online world has any good ideas on how to entertain a 15-month-old on long road trips. I may get really desperate and start handing her lollipops. Or maybe I will eventually just let her eat paper. That's what she really likes! Probably the best idea I read was to bring bubbles.

Speaking of Sophia, I thought I would include a photo of what can happen if you have a really tall 15-month old who has figured out how to open the pantry door all by herself. Murphy's law dictates that this will happen five minutes before you have to be someplace.

And here's my angel:


Queen of Carrots said...

We moved out west when the twins were 15 months. They did quite well. It helped that they were still napping twice a day, so naturally we drove as long as we could while they were asleep. (We took a much shorter trip the following spring and they HATED being cooped up.) Depends on the personality of the child, though, I'm sure.

Non-choking snacks in tiny ziploc bags (cheerios, e.g.) were great. I would whip them out when they started to get restless and it would sustain us to the next rest stop.

A little purse on a baby-links chain full of toys (not hard ones, in case they get excited and start throwing--small stuffed animals, a scarf, chew toys, puppets, etc.) provided a few minutes' diversion as they emptied it onto the floor. I rotated the contents regularly.

We did a lot of silly action songs. It's easier to lead these if you are NOT the driver. ;-)

Alison said...

I love the bubbles idea. We just found out we have to drive 10 hours to a funeral this weekend. It will be the first time taking M (who is almost 2) on an extended car ride.

I can relate to children getting into things! M just discovered he can expand his horizons if he climbs on a chair. The other day he met me in the hall with a whole loaf of french bread that he got off the counter and out of the wrapper. He said it was yummy! :P

Stephen, Sarah, Nora, Joseph and Isaiah said...

Sophia is adorable and boy, can I relate about a toddler wrecking havoc :)

I'm looking forward to seeing y'all this weekend! We'll be praying for your trip.

Heather L. said...

oh my! i love the picture of the pantry! But, sorry you had to deal with that mess! Sophia is so cute and I love her curls!!!