Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dealy Plaza and Texas BBQ

We have been studying the presidents and Meredith has had lots of questions about assassination. Since we were going to be in Dallas, we went to Dealy Plaza, where Kennedy was assassinated. This may seem morbid, but the kids were intrigued. And all of it IS very interesting, especially because of the controversy. It was educational and an absolutely beautiful day.

Here we are by the JFK memorial.

Here is Meredith, by one of the "x" marks, where JFK was shot.

Was it only one shot, made from this window? Or were other shots fired from the Grassy Knoll? Hmmm.

Here is Clara with Uncle Kc, walking away from the Grassy Knoll.

Another piggy shoulder (is that what you call it?) ride, this time for Meredith, in the cute West End area of Dallas, where we had lunch.

Shall we say AMAZING?!!!

This is what Sophia had for lunch.

Let me say it again, AMAZING barbecue. We went through one and a half bottles of barbecue sauce. Yum-o.

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