Saturday, April 23, 2011

With the Myers in Texas!

Story time with Uncle Kevin:

The sandbox was a hit:

All the kids loved the swing. Kevin is flying a mini-kite in the background:

Beautiful day at the park.

The slide is Sophia's favorite.

We joke that Sophia has "chicken wings" when she walks, for balance. She loves to explore new places!

Bennett fell asleep in Kevin's arms. So cute.

We caught the tail-end of blue bonnet season.






The kids loved playing with the Shipps and were fast friends!

A highlight for the kids was making crafts with Aunt Megan. They loved their crowns especially, and wore them for days afterwards, including the hotel lobby, the St. Louis arch, and the library back home.


We loved playing games and shooting the breeze with Megan and Kc at night.

A favorite memory was playing sidewalk chalk with the dads. Meredith was so funny, trying to ward off an attack from a huge chalk alligator. :)

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Megan said...

Yeah!!!! We loved, loved, loved having you all!!!!!