Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last day of class!

So sad! Our last day of Classical Conversations was last Thursday. We will still homeschool for another month and I plan to continue reading practice and math lessons a few days a week throughout the summer. We shall see!! The lazy summer-loving side of me who just wants to hang out at the pool all day and throw all my cares to the wind might win out!

Here are some pictures of the last day of class. This past semester, for the science portion, the kids have worked in teams to build bridges, airplanes, and a protective shield for raw eggs. At the last class, the kids got to test their designs and see which one was the strongest, flew the farthest, and was the most protective, respectively.

Testing the bridge Meredith built with two friends:

Testing Meredith's egg protector:

The kids have spent the last four weeks learning all the presidents, and they made a White House craft on the last day of class:

We had to celebrate! So Chuck E. Cheese was in order!


Carrie said...

Classical Conversations! AH!!! Ok. We've been looking into a group around here to put J into - either this fall or next. It sounds like an awesome program and now I'm connecting the dots from your posts this past school year.

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