Monday, March 28, 2011

Opera and Beauty

Kevin recently bought tickets for us to see an adaptation of Bizet’s Carmen, called The Tragedy of Carmen. He was originally under the impression that it was the full version of Carmen and was therefore disappointed a little bit. I was also not originally sure about it all because of the cost of the tickets! I knew Kevin, who is really musical, would love it and I would love a night out, so I went along with it.

After the opera began, I was instantly swept away into the beauty and emotion of it all. The music, the voices, the acting—it was all so captivating. I can’t believe I ever balked at the cost of the tickets. It was definitely an experience worth every cent.

It made me further contemplate the importance of art and beauty in the human life. It is incredibly refreshing to get completely lost in something beautiful now and then. I need art and music in my life.

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