Monday, March 21, 2011

Sophia--the emerging toddler!

Here are some pictures of my little Sophia, who is getting feistier and more determined every day. Why did God give me so many assertive females? Did he really think I was up for this job?!

She had been taking 2-3 steps here and there but started walking as her primary method of transportation on St. Patrick's Day. Overnight, she became a toddler! She is constantly walking around like a drunken sailor seeking something new to explore.

Let me tell you what is NOT a great combination. A toddler who loves to play in the toilet and older children who are always forgetting to close the toilet lid AND also forgetting to FLUSH the toilet!!!! I cannot tell you how many times a day I hear a spish-splash sound emanating from the bathroom, only to find Sophia playing to her heart's content!

Sophia is always saying "yeah" whenever we ask her a question. We have a lot of fun with this. "Sophia, are you the emperor of Japan?" She replies: "Yeah."

She loves getting her shoes on and going for rides in the car. She loves to camp out on the first step of the stairs (her absolute favorite place in the whole house, as you can see in the latter photos)! She also still really loves all stuffed animals. They make her smile. Her favorite thing to do is try to copy her big sisters and keep up with them. She thinks she is EQUAL to them. Her hair is getting thicker and curlier/frizzier every day.

How we love her!









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melissa said...

lol i didn't know the emperor of japan was a drunken sailor!!! jk lol