Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ready to go ...

Today I decided to take some pictures of the kids because it had been a while and because Meredith was dressed in something other than her favorite "comfy" (i.e., ratty, worn-out) clothes!

Clara finishes breakfast. These girls really love each other. I hope it lasts through adulthood!

Meredith went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with her grandmother today, and decided to wear beads for the occasion. Note the Crocs. We finally gave in and bought her a pair. These are less ugly than most, so I'm okay with it! She wanted a pair so badly. (Like I said, she likes things that are "comfy.")

Here is Clara, the Miss Congeniality of the family.

I took Clara downtown to have lunch with Kevin. We sat in the Artsgarden and ate lunch while listening to live Jazz music. Who would have thought that she would like Chinese food? Awesome!
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