Monday, May 11, 2009

Growing Up

I’m calling it. Meredith is now officially reading. Today she read this “story” entirely on her own, with only one or two word corrections, and she got through it quickly.

“A little cat can sit on a rug.
She can run in the sand.
She can lick a man.
She will lick me.”

Teaching her to read has been a bonding experience. And it’s been really rewarding watching her develop and learn. I haven’t been 100% sure about the homeschooling. But the success of this venture has been very encouraging.

She is also writing letters and asking me if she has spelled a word correctly. Yesterday she wrote her cousin’s name (Avery), like this: “AVRE.” Then she asked me if she spelled snack correctly. She wrote: “SNAC.”

As for Clara, she went straight from calling me “mama” to calling me “mom.” Or more accurately, she says, “MOOOMMM” at high volume.

She also counts to ten constantly (every amount of something always adds up to ten), is starting to enjoy picture books other than board books, and she weighs almost as much as Meredith. Both my girls are growing up!


Catherine said...

That's awesome! Way to go Meredith!

Anne said...

yay! i've been worried to call Erin a reader since she isn't proficient at long vowel sounds yet, but from now on i'll say it with more confidence. these girls grow up too fast!

Emily said...

That is so great! Excellent job Meredith! (And you!) And poor Avery and her non-phonetic name :-)