Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Late Mom's Day

Our Mother's Day was nice but there was some drama. We took an impromptu picnic to a park with family. But we almost had to leave early when Meredith got a massive splinter in her right foot and screamed bloody murder for fifteen minutes until we could pull it out. We were quite the focal point of the entire park. Thankfully grandma had tweezers. But it did take three people to hold her down while Aunt Beth pulled it out. Sheesh. I think Colin has decided he never wants kids.

And then I read this very interesting article in the newspaper about SIX GENERATIONS living here in Indianapolis, all within 10 minutes of each other. That would be like if I grew up knowing who my great-grandmother's grandmother was. Wow. I can't even imagine.

And lastly here's some food for thought--Al Mohler suggests that Mother's Day should be gotten rid of altogether. See Why Mother's Day is a Bad Idea.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry I had to be the bad guy splinter remover, Meredith. Better to be mad at me then your mom and dad. I love you...hope your foot is all better!

Aunt B