Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My kind of town ...

The stars aligned for me. Not only was Kevin’s firm taking a trip to Chicago on Friday and there were some extra seats on the bus, but Kevin’s mom was able to watch both girls for us. I jumped at the chance to go.

Last time I was in Chicago it was also May. The flowers in May are gorgeous in Chicago. Whoever puts the planters together does an exquisite job. Everything was so breathtaking. And I’m not exaggerating.

Here’s Kevin at Millennium Park.

Here I am posing next to some of the many, many tulips that were in bloom.

The most fun part of the day was just hanging out with Kevin in a big city and feeling as free as a bird.

We did hang out a little bit with the Lego Man, too.

We had lunch at the Grand Lux Café on N. Michigan and the food was absolutely incredible. It was the type of place where I wanted to steal a bite off of every plate that passed by. Kevin got this breakfast sandwich with grilled brioche bread. It was so delicate and crispy. It was amazing.

I putzed around at Sephora (and other shops) with some of the girls while Kevin went to a Cubs game. But then the Cubs game got rained out. Bummer for him.

We ended the day with pizza, of course. But before that we went up to the John Hancock building observation deck for drinks. It was very relaxing and fun to get to know some of Kevin’s co-workers better.

All in all, a fabulous day.


Monica said...

Wow, that looks like an amazing day! There's no way it would have been the same with the girls in tow.

Alaina said...

I was so disappointed it didn't work for me to go up with Andrew! So glad you had a good time!

Jeanette said...

LOVE IT! I'm going THIS weekend. Stephanie is coming out from DC. Too bad it wasn't the same weekend. :(

Heather L. said...

Wow, I didn't know you guys went to Chicago last week! I would have asked you all about it on Sunday! It sounds like a really fun day! I'm so glad you got to go!

Dana said...

hey! I was there the following weekend and saw those Exact Same Tulips. I love the color combination.