Friday, November 07, 2008

Thanksgiving Book List

Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving picture books. I got all of these from the library.

We love seasonal and holiday children's books because, along with decorating the house, it really helps our whole family get in a festive mood!

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks (Sutherland)
The Night Before Thanksgiving (Wing)
Turkey Surprise (Archer)
Thanksgiving (Murray)
Thanks for Thanksgiving (Markes)
An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (Alcott)
Let’s Celebrate Thanksgiving (Roop)
Thanksgiving: A Harvest Celebration (Stiegemeyer)
Mary’s First Thanksgiving (Wargin)

Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving books to share? I know there are lots more!


Catherine said...

I was actually planning a very similar post for next week, but not with the same books. I'll have to check some of the ones you mentioned out too (if I can get enough things returned so they will let me check more things out - I keep hitting my limit and that makes the librarians roll their eyes - I don't know how bigger families keep up with the library!)

Joli said...

Aw! I just checked out this Thanksgiving book for my kiddos--lured toward it by its beautiful artwork.

Monica said...

I used to be so intentional about this with my older kids, but I fear now that my younger ones are missing out on the variety of great children's books out there. Thanks for the list, I'm going to put some on hold today:)

Rachelle said...

We can't get enough of books at our house. Thanks for the recommendations.

I would add "The Dragon Thanksgiving Feast: Things To Make and Do" by Loreen Leedy.

The dragons are harmless looking things who make a lot of cool crafts for their Thanksgiving celebration. Perfect for preschool/kindergarten.