Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Packing and De-junking

I don’t really think that either Kevin or I are pack rats but, without a doubt, we have lugged around our share of unnecessary junk during various moves. I remember moving to Virginia from L.A. with everything I owned fitting into my little Ford Escort. It felt so free. So wonderful. So manageable.

Not so much anymore. Now we have furniture and things like crock pots and lawn mowers. And toys. Did I mention toys?

Kevin and I were sorting through stuff over the weekend. We decided to toss a few things and de-junk our lives a little bit.

First there was the tassel from my law school graduation.

K: “Do we need to keep this anymore?”
A: “I’ll get rid of that if you get rid of that big box full of 4-H ribbons.”
K: “Okay, point well taken.”
A: “Seriously, let’s get rid of your ribbons. I’ll take a picture of you with all those hundreds of ribbons spilling out of your lap. You’ll be so cute.”
K: “I am so not allowing that picture to happen. It will probably end up on your blog or something.”

And then there was the floppy disc labeled “Amy-Personal.”

K: “Amy, I don’t even think we own technology that will enable us to read this disc anymore.”
A: “Okay, toss it.”

And then there was a book, written in 1992, titled “The Coming Economic Earthquake.” We both agreed that we could definitely toss that, even if it was prophetic!

And then Kevin found a portion of my journal from after we first started dating. I will confess it’s the closest thing to a diary I have ever kept. He greatly enjoyed reading every word of it—out loud—while I carefully wrapped stemware in newspaper.

Moving is such a big pain. But it was fun to reminisce with Kev. Good times.


Catherine said...

We have a similar collection of old disks, most of which are not even marked in any way, and several of which may or may not be the ones that caused one of our computers to crash and die with a fatal virus a few years ago. And yet, some of us still want to hang on to those disks. I'll let you guess who "some of us" is, but it's not me and it's not the dog. :)

Heather L. said...

Great post! :) Funny how we like to hang onto things -- I do love finding things like a diary or photos, etc. (or funny stories about people and events a long time ago)

Rachelle said...

I routinely hear "this does not go on the blog." :)

I have a terrible time moving because I sit in a pile of memories and re-read journals and look at picture. Mike says "Can't you do that when you unpack it?"

the Joneses said...

I read the conversation about the ribbons aloud to Darren. We laughed.

Darren will let me read him small portions of my journals, but won't read them himself. Partly because he wants to respect my privacy, and partly because... I think he's afraid of the Sara he'll encounter on those pages. :)

-- SJ

Chrissy said...

Us too! We have come across a bunch of movies that are un marked and are in the midst of going through them and writing on them... Or if we think they are poor quality, we are de-junking them!
Out with the old, in with the new in 2009 is our motto!
We have read this new book we got called Your Spacious Self, by author Stephanie Bennett Vogt. We have learned to take everything day by day. By just putting away one thing away a day, you are cleaning all the clutter. And if we both are doing it, that's going to be done twice as fast! We're trying not to overwhelm ourselves, so we make sure we tell eachother what we put away and what it was so the other knows where it is. It's kind of fun actually, maybe kind of silly, but we are having fun with it. It's been a week so far and I have to tell you, that our house i becomming more organized. Of course we put away all of our Christmas decorations together so that day, we didn't put one extra thing away since we did at least 10-20 things together! we figured we did good that day, but the day after, we started again! It is great and we owe it all to this book! This isn't the only thing we learned! That is another story!!

claudecoker said...

hello Kevin and Amy. We have known your parents for a very short time but fell in love with them right from the start. Met them at FAITH FELLOWSHIP.
Looks like you two have the world where you want it. Most people never even get close. Really like your Blogspot and will return to see if the interior of the house gets painted.
God speed from Marynell and Claude Coker, La Palma, CA.

claudecoker said...

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