Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fires, basketball, and early shopping …

California is once again up in flames. My friend Emily, who lives in Orange County not too far from my parents, posted pictures of the skyline on her blog. She contrasts the sky to the north of her house and the sky to the south. Can you believe that?

Many people risk losing their homes, including the mother of one of my church friends here in Indiana. Let’s keep these people in our prayers, as no doubt this is a very emotionally difficult and stressful time for them.

Kevin has a bad cough but decided to go play basketball tonight anyway. Basketball is pretty much the highlight of his week, after all. I’m glad that he’s picked it up again and that he enjoys it so much.

Okay, I’m done with blogging for now because I have to go wrap Christmas presents!! Yes, this is the earliest I have completed my Christmas shopping EVER. (I’m done--including stocking stuffers--except for some stuff I’d like to get for Kevin, but have to wait so he won’t see the Visa bill and spoil his surprise. Can anyone relate?)

We’re moving in three and a half weeks! I can’t believe it!! Now I need to stop thinking about Christmas shopping and start thinking about packing!

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