Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pumpkin Kick

One of the best things about fall is all the apple, pumpkin, and spice foods! There's still a little bit of fall left and I'm trying to squeeze some more culinary enjoyment out of it! :) Here are two recipes I tried this week with pumpkin.

The pie was really good but honestly, the pancakes were out of this world!! They were by far the BEST pancakes I have ever eaten. Kevin agreed. They were fluffy and moist with a slightly crisp layer on the outside. The pumpkin and spice were subtle components in the flavor and not overpowering. I am going to make this recipe again and again.

Pumpkin Pie:

Pumpkin Pancakes:
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Carrie said...

I found a recipe for pumpkin spice pumpcakes last year and they are a hit in our home too. We LOVE them. Somehow those always come out perfectly.

It seems a strange notion at first but WOW on the taste!

Jen said...

I too have been on a pumpkin and apple kick.

Those pancakes looks amazing!

Micah said...

I will definitely try these! I'm generally not a fan of Martha's recipes because I feel like she calls for so many random and obscure ingredients, but this one looks very normal and down-to-earth =). And we love pancakes!!

Alaina said...

I really want to try those pancakes - sounds like something our family would love! Thanks so much for joining in!