Friday, November 14, 2008

Alone Time

Today I feel like, “Yes, I can possibly undertake the monumental task of mothering yet another day.” Yesterday I wasn’t so sure. I had been stuck at home with sick kids for five days and I thought I was going to go crazy. We have some issues with Meredith being whiny anyway but if you throw being sick into the mix, it’s out of control. Clara is also still under the weather and she’s more clingy and unable to play alone. To top it off, Kevin has been gone every night this week. So I’ve been doing dinner and the bedtime routine solo. Last night it was my turn to check out for the night!

I never realized I needed “alone time” until I had kids. I was talking with a friend on the phone last night and we agreed on this—you didn’t realize you needed alone time because you actually HAD it. Even if it was just your commute to work. You had time to be alone with your own thoughts. Maybe listen to music or talk radio. What a luxury!

I am a person who likes to read and think and have a little space in my life. This is something that is incongruent with having preschoolers in your care.

So it was with utmost joy and relief that I got in the car last night, without having to buckle in any kids, and ran a few errands and then sat at Starbucks, let the aromas and relaxing music wash over my tired soul, and read five chapters out of a really good book.

This was a little piece of heaven for a very weary mom.

Praise God for “alone time” and husbands who realize you’re at the end of your rope.


the Joneses said...

Wow, I guess you did need some alone time after a week like that. I "escape" probably twice a month for a few hours, and it's invaluable to the betterment of my mothering. :)

-- SJ

Carrie said...

You aren't alone. Not at all!

Rachelle said...

I can really relate....A couple of months ago I found myself in Panera eating dinner alone. It felt like an inexcusable luxury to waste that time with just myself. But those times are necessary to my sanity.

I just had an email from a friend whose husband was away on business for 8 days and 9 nights and her three kids (oldest is 5) came down with bronchitis. As mine prepares to leave for 4+ days, it was a good reminder that I'm really rather spoiled.

Bless the husbands who know we need breaks.

Jen S said...


Monica said...

Sometimes it does feel like the walls are closing in. There is something about handling the last hour of the day alone with the kids that just sucks the life out of a mom.

So glad you were able to get away and be refreshes.

Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

So true. Especially talking about time in the car. Sometimes I save my errands so Joe can have Madeline while I run around in an empty car. He thinks I'm crazy but I love it. Hope the kiddos are doing better and maybe we'll see you at the library tomorrow!