Thursday, November 06, 2008

Leaf Gathering

 I was talking with a friend about leaf gathering memories she had as a child and I decided to try it since there are still some beautiful leaves left. Growing up in Long Beach, California, I don't have many leaf gathering memories. :)

We live in an area of town with lots of mature trees, many of them sheltered from the wind. Many of the trees here are still full of leaves and pretty. As we crunched through the fallen leaves on our hunt, I often stopped underneath a tree just to let the beauty of it surround me and take it all in. Fall is magical. I love it.

Here are some of the leaves we brought home.
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darren said...

Multi-coloured leaves in the fall is just about the only thing I miss about the North. Here in VA we have gold and occasional rust. Pretty, but nothing like your picture.

Jen S said...

Those are GORGEOUS!

Monica said...

These colors are amazing! I'm sad the leaves are starting to finally fall now.