Thursday, August 14, 2008


This is the first time I tried uploading pics to my blog from Picasa. I can't believe how fast it is!! Here are some random pictures from last week.

Zinnias I picked from Kev's parents backyard. It was fun to pick flowers and make the house pretty with various arrangements. I felt so domestic ... and stuff.

The progress on our house. This picture was taken last Saturday. Our basement is now completely poured. Kevin's aunt gave us the idea to stand in the same place each week and take a picture so we can build a slide show. Fun!

I tried making these "Frico Cups" and they turned out great. They are made of parmesan cheese and are crispy. I used a Giada recipe and put a yummy salad inside with citrus vinaigrette. It looks fancy but actually it was very easy. I love making fun family dinners.

And ... here is the cherry pie I mentioned in an earlier post!
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Jen S said...

Don't you love Picasa, Amy? We just discovered it too and are so impressed with it! I enjoyed your pictures! Meredith looks just like you!