Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dramatic Rescue

“I'm watching a dramatic rescue,” said Kevin. He had phoned me from his office. Apparently the scaffolding of some window washers across the street from his office collapsed. He could see everything from his window, including the firefighters and the news helicopters.

I remarked that I hope they get some time off work after this traumatic experience. Kevin said, “Yeah, their bosses will tell them, ‘Here sign this waiver and then enjoy some time off.’”

Apparently one guy was hanging onto the collapsing scaffolding, despite his harness. Not that you would sign up for that type of job if you were afraid of heights. But still ... Can you imagine?

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Sarah Mehrens said...

It makes me think of that car insurance commercial when the guy is hanging from the scaffolding and his paint fall on the roof of a sports car below, the owner of which is completely oblivious, but a coworker sees it all. Next the fire department in an effort to rescue the guy from his scaffolding pushes the sports car out of the way, which then gets creamed by oncoming traffic.

That's crazy that it happens (well sort'a) in real life.