Wednesday, August 06, 2008


The bar exam is over. It was kind of anti-climatic really, because Kevin nearly immediately started working on editing his law review note which is going to be published. But we are so glad that this going-back-to-school chapter is finally done. Almost done, I should say.

Whenever you finish something big like that, it’s always a relief. But there is also a time of readjustment. In the midst of that, it is easy to feel a little bit lost. We have been so focused on reaching a goal. Now it’s over. And we are glad. Now we just need to figure out what is next. Not that we are bored or anything (ha!). But it does feel slightly like we are in limbo.

Last week we celebrated six years of marriage. For some reason five years did not seem like a long time but six years seems like we are old married people or something. Maybe I am just tired. In fact, I tried to wax eloquent and romantic while writing out Kevin’s anniversary card. But in the end I just kept it simple. (See, I AM an old married woman!) But I do still think he’s perfect and perfect for me—marrying him was the best thing I ever did.


Anonymous said...

Today is #25 for Uncle Mike and I. Talk about feeling old....oh yeah, and congrats to Kevin on finishing the bar. Way to go!
Aunt B.

Jen S said...

Happy Anniversary, Amy! You old married woman, you! ;) I liked your line in the first post about just wanting to take your contacts out! I can relate to what you're saying, however I don't have those moments as much now that my kids are older. I can say, "get all your stuff out of the car. I have to get inside to use the restroom!" :)

the Joneses said...

Happy (belated) anniversary! Was it really six years ago that we attended your wedding?

-- SJ

Tony and Natalie said...

Yeah, I remember those days... As Theresa prepares to study abroad in Lithuania for a semester and Josh is beginning his Masters studies at Georgetown and prepares for his wedding in March, I'm glad I have Katrina. People always say that it goes so fast and it will seem like yesterday, but you really don't appreciate it until you are here.

Just remember, spilled milk is just spilled milk, and a fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive cover for all kinds of mistakes-- crayons, dirty fingers and feet (doesn't everyone read lying on the floor with their feet on the wall?!). And only the cold stuff needs to come into the house before you go to the bathroom...

Miss you guys!

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