Wednesday, August 06, 2008


We are house-sitting for Kevin’s parents while they are on a two-week vacation. We have joked that, after we are done, it will take two full weeks to move out of their house because, every other day or so when we run home, we come back with a car load of stuff. We have an ongoing list of “essential” things we can’t live without. The last car load was full of things like a slip, Kevin’s lunch box, hair clippers, Thousand Island dressing (for a recipe), and three more dress-up dresses specifically requested by Meredith.

My biggest concern right now is trying to not kill all of Kevin’s mom’s beautiful potted flowers. She has (wait, let me go count them …) 33 pots of flowers of all various sizes and colors!! One of my most favorite places to be is on my in-laws’ deck because their backyard is so beautiful. One of the most beautiful features of their backyard is all the colorful flowers. I realize they are also attached to their flowers. So, it is with great responsibility on my shoulders and a trembling hand that I go water every day. (Well, actually, I probably shouldn’t write this on my blog since it’s public and all, but I forgot two days!!)

While we are here we are also grandma-sitting. Kevin’s grandmother (“granny”) lives in a little apartment attached to the main house.

I was in a major bind last night because I was running about 20-minutes behind in getting dinner on the table. Granny came over early for supper. Usually I bring it to her, but last night I invited her to eat with us. As she hobbled in the room, I put some zucchini on a cutting board and said, “Here, chop this.” Her eyes lit up and she went to work. Pretty soon dinner was on the table—sooner than it would have been otherwise, thanks to granny.

I thanked her for her help but she thanked ME at least five times for letting her help. Granny is someone who has been serving her family all her life and now it is difficult to be forced to slow down. Being able to help last night seemed to give her new vitality.

This little incident gives me more perspective. Some days I think how difficult my current phase of life is because, in taking care of young children all day, I often don’t have any time for myself. There are so many times a week when I pull in to the driveway and dread having to unload everything, including kids, diaper bags, and all the other paraphernalia while, in the meantime, realizing that as soon as I enter the house I will have to immediately meet the kids’ needs FIRST, despite the fact that my contacts are dry (all I want to do is take them out) or I have to go to the bathroom in a major way, etc., etc. etc. I know those things won’t happen for at least 20 minutes.

As difficult as this phase is, I realize that other stages of life have their ups and downs too. I guess the lesson in this is to enjoy today while you have it.

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