Thursday, January 27, 2005

What makes people happy?

This essay, on measuring happiness in light of economic growth, is interesting. The study shows that despite our economic growth and increase in our standard of living, people are less happy. In determining happiness, the common factor among the reportedly "most happy" people is marriage (or at least a monogamous sexual relationship). Although the study interprets the data as "happy people are people who have lots of sex," I think it's interesting that marriage and happiness go hand in hand, while marriage is one of the primary social building blocks under attack today. No wonder our nation's overall happiness is receding.


Mark said...

Married people just can't help themselves, can they? Always trying to drum up support for their lifestyle. I don't know what to say.

Kevin & Amy said...

Hey, it's my personal philosophy (from what I've observed) that you'll NEVER be happy married unless you're happy single. So, until "Miss Right" comes along, you can focus on being a happy single guy - and that will transfer into your marriage.


Mark said...

There's an awful thin line between "Miss Right" and "Miss Never Wrong."