Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Carson sat in his Bumbo seat and watched while I turned over and raked a small patch of dirt behind our house.  This section of ground was chosen because it gets lots of sun and also because I can't see it from any of the windows in my house.  If I could see the flowers from, say, my living room window, I wouldn't want to pick them and bring them inside.  No.  These flowers are meant to be paired with a vase and placed on the counter top.  I can't wait!

As I slowly dropped little zinnia seeds into the earth, I was reminded that last year, and the year before, I wanted to plant zinnias but wasn't able to do it.  There just wasn't enough time or energy, despite all my desire.   

So it was with a light heart that I realized that I'm at a place now where I can plant zinnias.  

As I pinched more seeds from the envelope, I determined that when the zinnias are in bloom and I pick them for my table, I will also pick a vase for a mom who is perhaps in the same place I have been these last two years: wishing and hopeful, but with all her time and energy already mortgaged out for other necessary tasks.  

Planting zinnias also reminded me of Sally Clarkson's No More Desperate Moms Resolution.  Hopefully the latter of the two resolutions is something I can remember as I move beyond the current season of life, to keep on encouraging people who are still in the middle of it, with zinnias or otherwise.  

Today I enjoyed the planting, the time with my little son, the sunshine on my back, the dirt between my fingers, and a little more room in my life to breathe!

Now I just hope I can keep up with the watering and weeding.  (Or get my kids to do it!)  Then things will really be golden, right?


Diary of an Autodidact said...

I'm not sure why zinnias have become unpopular. They are easy to grow, and I love how the petals unfold.

Alyssa said...

I think I need to have a 4th kid. :)