Thursday, May 09, 2013

How I Discovered That I Don't Want a Dog

Well, that's not true actually. I have always known that I don't want a dog. Other people's animals are okay, except for a friend's dog who always constanly has his nose in my rear end every time I visit her. He is a big dog and his head is just the right height. And he has really bad breath too. And then when I sit down he puts his head in my lap like he wants me to pet him. Seriously bad dog manners!

The reason I don't want a dog is I can barely take care of my four kids. And I'm not really keen on dog hair floating around the house and getting in my food. And dogs smell. And I really don't want the expense. And I complained about having to clean out the fish bowl when we had a fish. So I really don't think I want a dog.

My kids beg for a dog, but I say no. I am so mean.

This brings me to my main point. My stance against dog ownership was confirmed after Meredith participated in a "Foster Chick Care Program" through our local library. We had three chicks, all hens, named March, April, and May.

It was a wonderful, rewarding, and enriching program. The kids really did learn a lot about chick development and the care of animals and that animals are a big responsibility. The temperature in the cage had to be just right and the food and water had to be refilled and everything had to be cleaned often. The kids were entertained by the chicks constantly for about four days into the two-week program. The cage remained clean for about that long too.

Then, on day five, something magical happened. The novelty wore off and, although the kids played with the chicks now and then, it was no longer as interesting or exciting. And cleaning out the cage was, sure as anything, definitely not exciting.

So, this was the best type of pet to have ... one that could be returned after two weeks!

Here is my Meredith with her project:

The chicks were popular with all the neighbor kids:
And here is Mer, doing her least favorite part of the project, cleaning the cage:
This one is an Americana variety, or an "easter egg" chicken because it lays colorful eggs.
And this one is a Golden Comet, named April:
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Anonymous said...

I too said"no dog" when my kids were little. You see how it ruined their lives haha! Stick to your guns girl!

Aunt B

Heather L. said...

I COMPLETELY agree with you! We can start a club or support group for mother's who don't want dogs. Every once in awhile I feel badly about it, but I can't handle the thought of more work without an eternal reward. :)

Diary of an Autodidact said...

I'm not fond of dogs either - although I can think of a few dogs that were fine so long as someone else owned them.

Right now, we have one very low maintenance cat, who keeps the neighborhood rats at bay, but stays outside and in the shop.

Queen of Carrots said...

I love the idea of a short-term rental pet. I could handle that. Maybe. In general, I definitely believe that four kids are enough to keep up with.

Jeanette Cole said...

Nice to see you have friends who wear Pioneer hats (the green one). That's who I work for. :)

Rachelle said...

What Q of C said...only three kids are all some of us are up to. We just stayed with friends with guinea pigs and a dog and I came away absolutely certain we have made the right choice.

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