Saturday, May 11, 2013

Time, Not Stuff

Please don’t get me a Mother’s Day gift. 

Yes, I mean it.  Seriously.

Kevin and I just had this conversation last night.  I knew he would have to work the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day—thus is the life of a person with a very deadline oriented job—and I really didn’t want him spending all afternoon away from me, too, looking for a gift. 

“Please don’t go buy me something I probably don’t need and probably don’t want.  Just come home and hang out with me.” 

Actually, I asked him to help me pick up the house because we are hosting Mother’s Day, with our immediate family and another family whose mom is here from out of town. 

The best way you can love me, honey, is to VACUUM.

I think there is something to the five love languages theory.  Although the example of vacuuming would be an act of service, what I really love is spending time with the people I love, especially if it means experiencing something new with them.

I don’t want more stuff.  I like clean lines and I hate clutter and if I really need something I can probably just go buy it myself.  What I really value is experiences.  Experiences are way more important to me than things.  Time is valuable, and scarce, and so when someone shares it with me, that really speaks to me. 

If you insist on giving me something, then what I would really like is a note or a homemade card from the kids.  Homemade cards are the best. 

So, hang out with me.  Go on random adventures with me.  It can be a small thing or a big thing [someday I want to ride a hot air balloon, by the way].  Let’s experience life together.  


Catherine said...

That's so true about gifts of time not stuff. I just told Josh that what I really want for mothers day is clean bathrooms and a nap.

Rachelle said...

Time and acts of service all the way for me. Mike has learned that I just need him to come home and keep working from there. (A little trickier with kids going "daddy, daddy.") I can relate.

Jen said...

This is so true for me as well!

I heard this saying from a friend and it is something that I love to do..."don't spend money on stuff, spend it on experiences.."