Monday, August 01, 2011

Summer is Full

Where has this summer gone?!

Sophia loves her wagon rides!

Clara's piggies suit her personality. If only she would let me fix her hair more often ...

We have been doing lots of summer reading. The kids agonize over what prizes they will pick out at our local library.

Aunt Betsy came to visit! My sister is a pilot and talked her boss into letting them refuel the plane in Indianapolis. It was great to see her again.

Here in the Midwest, we have the most awesome storms. Here are the kids, waiting out a storm so they can go swimming. We love to sit and watch storms come in!

Sophia's favorite part about the Indian's game was the popcorn.

You can't have summer without blueberry pie!

She took it off three seconds later--it was cute while it lasted!

Why would you kiss a frog when you can play with one?

Meredith loves to read to her sisters:

A common scene in our house every morning--the girls fight over who gets to go in Sophia's room first.

Sophia's hair is getting curlier and blonder every day!

Meredith cracks me up with her little daily inspirations. This particular day she decided to make a "noos" (news) stand and sell papers. She had some terrific headlines, including a tornado and some gorillas attacking humans.

Clara helped me make Moon Pies after reading about them in our God's World News magazine. She is my sidekick in the kitchen and I love it!

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Heather L. said...

Enjoyed seeing all the pictures! So glad you got to see your sister!!! and your moon pies look delicious!

Stephen, Sarah, Nora, Joseph and Isaiah said...

Awww. Looks like y'all have been able to do some awesome activities! So fun :)

Diary of an Autodidact said...

You have ridiculously cute kids ;)