Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Memory Work

Here is a picture of our "morning board," used for reviewing memory work. I revised it this year to greatly simplify it. I didn't want to spend quite as much time on it this year. It takes about 10 minutes and we are now doing it after lunch, so I guess it's not technically even a morning board anymore! All of our Classical Conversations memory is on it, as well as a few other things (a good character habit to work on, that I borrowed from my friend Catherine, and a corresponding bible verse, and also our home address and phone). The kids work on additional bible memory and memorize a poem, but we work on that separately in the morning. They are also memorizing the shorter catechism at night with their dad. My theory is that the more the kids memorize, the easier memorizing is for them. Kids are amazing!! They can retain so much in such a little amount of time when they are challenged to do it.

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