Thursday, August 04, 2011

Nine Years

I'm reading a book on marriage that was talking about the roller coaster of initial romance and how after a while, the journey seems more like you're driving through midwest terrain. Well, we've got literal midwest terrain around here and sometimes after nine years and three kids, things seem that way figuratively as well. But there is still no one I'd rather take the journey with than Kevin. I am grateful for the time we have had together.

The kids had soccer practice last night so we have delayed our celebration until the weekend. But we did put the kids to bed early and ate Chinese takeout, sushi rolls, and Ben and Jerry's pistachio ice cream on the back patio. There was a cool breeze and even the bugs stayed away!

I'm grateful for you Kevin! You are the best.


Jen said...

Girls are so beautiful and growing up so fast!!

(I was writing this and just noticed you left a comment)

I assume you knew the book you read was the second book from Her Mother's Hope? I read Her Mother's Hope and it was "ok" as well so try some of the other books out.

Redeeming love is basically the book of Hosea, in fiction form..amazing! Atonement Child deals with abortion and such and I loved it as well! Though of course everyone has different tastes! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, dear friends! May your marriage continue to be sweet and a blessing to many. =)

~ Leah