Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prayer Jar

One new thing we are doing every morning as we begin our school day is using a Prayer Jar. I got this idea from my MOPS group last semester. The kids love it because they get to pick something out of a jar every morning. (What kid doesn't love to choose something from a jar?!) I love it because it is teaching them to pray about a wide variety of topics and say it from the heart. It teaches them that God cares about every aspect of their life. It also gives them a larger vision concerning things that are important to pray about. I always enjoy hearing them take these topics and put them in their own words.


Here are the topics, if you are interested in doing it too!

Prayer Jar Questions
• Today thank God for something green.
• Today pray for people who live on the streets
• Today pray for people who don’t have food to eat
• Today pray for people who don’t have clean running water
• Today pray for people who are in the hospital
• Today pray for our country and our leaders
• Today pray that our government would seek Gods will for our country
• Today ask God what he wants to do in our lives today
• Today ask God to reveal a new aspect of Himself to you.
• Today pray for your Church
• Today pray for your neighbors
• Today thank God for something small
• Today thank God for something big
• Today thank God for saving your life
• Today pray for someone that you know, that doesn’t know the love of Jesus
• Today pray for your local Police department
• Today pray for your local Fire department
• Today pray for wisdom
• Today pray a prayer of thanks. Each person express 3 things you’re thankful for.
• Today pray for a friend
• Today pray for someone famous, why did you choose this person?
• Today pray for a country
• Today thank God for a blessing in your life
• Today thank God for the way he made you, what is it that you like most about yourself?
• Today thank God for your pets or your favorite animal
• Today pray for the oceans, forests, wetlands, deserts, of this earth
• Today thank God for your home, what is your favorite thing about your house?
• Today thank God for things that make you feel loved, what are some of those things?
• Today pray that God would reveal one way you could improve your relationship with Him.
• Today pray for people who are alone
• Today pray for understanding and patience
• Today pray that God would use you to change someone’s life
• Today pray that you would shine bright for the world to see, what is something you could do to shine bright for God?
• Today pray for your Pastor
• Today pray for your Parents
• Today pray for someone in your family
• Today thank God for your clothes and shoes, pray for those people that may not have them.
• Today thank God for your toys, pray for children who don’t have toys
• Today pray for people in slavery

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Megan said...

This is great! Kc does the opposite spectrum with his classroom. The kids write their prayer requests on slips of construction paper and then make a chain all across the classroom ceiling as God answers their prayers. A cool visual reminder that our Father does answer and hear!

Heather L. said...

Such a great idea!!! Yes, kids do love pulling anything from a jar!

Catherine said...

What a great idea!